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2 Acts of Murder

June 1,2,3 -2017

Act 1: The Connection
Written by Graham Jones, adapted & directed by Joe White
This script has been adapted to the US and the needs of Ashland Community Theater with permission of Graham Jones and Lazy Bee Scripts.


Five strangers, with five very different problems. Each are called to a certain office to meet Mr. Riker. But he isn't there! Is there a more sinister reason for them being together?

Act 2: The 39 Steps: A Live Radio Play
Written by Joe Landry, directed by Julie Murphy

Inspired by Hitchcock and performed as a live period radio play, this romantic thriller is a fast-paced ride through the signature world of the Master of Suspense. From an epic train chase to a feisty love interest, Richard Hannay has his work cut out for him as he searches for the truth about The 39 Steps.

The cast of "The Connection" :

Randy Divinski         as  Steve Fitzsimmons

Lynda Slocomb         as   Sheila Cammarata

Joe White                 as  Simon Toegel

Stephanie Hopkins   as   Patricia Taylor

Cindy Bell                 as   Harriet Katzke

Michael Lachance    as  Jeff Riker

The cast of "The 39 Steps a Live Radio Play":

Keith Ferguson        as   Announcer and Mr Memory

Rob Murphy            as  Various Acting Parts

Chris Erath             as   Richard Hannay

Diana Doyle            as  Pamela Stewart

Alessandra Horton  as  Annabella Smith

Carol Myers            as  Various Actress Parts

Bianca Guzman      as  Sound Person on Stage

Kristen Collins         as  Jingle Singer 1

Heidi Hanson          as  Jingle Singer 2

Jodi Martin              as  Jingle Singer 3

Katy Shander-Reynolds as Jingle Singer 4

Mattie Schadt          as  Jingle Singer 5

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