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Parent's Day

May 8-9, 2015

Directed by Kelly Fey


Parent’s Day was a series of five dramatic vignettes and two collections based on the different kinds of relationships and interactions we can have with parents. Using universal themes of parent/child dynamics, each of the scenes were written by local residents: Julie Nardone, Katy Shander-Reynolds, Joe White, and Kelly Fey. 


All Flowers Bloom At Different Times

Written By Joe White

Joe White as Frank

Breanna Tulig as Amanda

Maky Kotob as Jacob

John Kelley as Det. Josh Stone

Jodi Martin as Katherine

Olivia Rose as Brittany


Things They Don't Tell You About Being A Parent

The ACT Players


Trapped in Consequences

Written by Joe White

Holly Escott as Sally

Alexa Feizidis as Maddy

Katy Shander-Reynolds as Cheryl

Joe White as Mr. Nelson


My Daughter, Myself

Written by Julie Nardone

Mattie Schadt as Delilah Monroe

Breanna Tulig as Heather

Conor Plunkett as Mr.Monroe

Haroon Wahid as Daniel


Things I'd Love To Tell My Parents

The ACT Players


Party Time

Writen by Joe White

Joe White as Chris

Tim Loff as Thomas


Not Mother’s Day

Written by Katy Shander-Reynolds

Alexa Feizidis as Johanna

Aadish Joshi as Arnav

Maky Kotob as Jordy

Olivia Rose as Minda

Zack Rose as Stefan

Kelly Fey as Mrs Jacobs
























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