Play On

Oct 25, 26, 27 -2018


Directed By-  Joe White




Randy Divinski-----------------------HENRY BENISH ("Lord Dudley")

Connor Donovan--------------------BILLY CAREWE ("Stephen Sellers")

Bianca Guzman---------------------MARLA "SMITTY" SMITH ("Doris the maid")

Stephanie Hopkins----------------VIOLET IMBRY ("Diana Lassiter")

Colleen Locke-----------------------AGGIE MANVILLE - a stage manager and prompter.

Julie Murphy-------------------------GERALDINE "GERRY" DUNBAR - a community theatre director.

Jim Parr--------------------------------SAUL WATSON ("Doctor Rex Forbes")

Katy Shander-Reynolds--------LOUISE PEARY - a sound-and-lighting-and-scenic technician.

Lynda Slocomb---------------------POLLY BENISH ("Lady Margaret")

Anne Marie Weiler----------------PHYLLIS MONTAGUE - the playwright