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Therapy Sessions

November 19-21, 2015

Directed by Kelly Fey


Therapy Sessions is an original show written by Joe White and Katy Shander-Reynolds of Ashland, MA. It explores the funnier side of therapy through 4 therapists who have different approaches to their clients and their lives. A comedy that is sure to entertain as the characters search for ways to achieve a better practice if not total consciousness. At least they have that going for them, which is nice.



Joe White                         as   Michael Carter-Wilson

Katy Shander-Reynolds     as   Shauna Carter-Wilson

Carol Myers                     as    Bobbie Middleton

Joanne Connolly               as   Jessie Carter-Wilson


Also Starring  

In Order of Appreance  


Bill Novakowski                  as  Charles Link

Priya Capila                       as  Deenie Smith

Chris Dever                       as  Eric Showers

Mauro Ciccarelli                 as Walter Thomas

Heidi Hanson                     as  Brenda Villane

Aadish Joshi                      as  Nick

Maky Kotob                       as  Jeffrey

Kat Harvey                        as  Angela

Holly Escott                       as  Lillian

Sarah Binney                    as  Sassafrass

Tony Cerulo                      as  Gregg Pratt

Mattie Schadt                    as  Molly Pratt

Tim Loff                             as  Larry Zeller

John Kelley                       as  Marcus Williamson the 4th

Kelly Fey                           as  Hypochondriac

Jodi Martin                        as  Rona Garrett

Haroon Wahid                   as  Deryl Flynn

Terri Morse                       as  Sybil Sanderson

Kap Kaprelian                   as  Sol Rosenthal





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