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Joe White

Founder and Operator


Joe developed a real passion for theater while in college. His many years in the corporate sector and volunteering in his community drew him away from that passion for a time. But when that love for theater and film resurfaced, those years of experience as a high-level project manager found a new purpose and venue: Ashland Community Theater (ACT).


Initially, Joe took to writing scripts and honing his acting and directing skills.

His desire to be involved in community theater had been a dream spanning four decades. But then he took the plunge and created ACT, with the intent of collaborating with others who have a similar passion and desire to create good story telling. His vision for ACT differs from the many other community theaters in Central Massachusetts. His goal is to encourage and produce new material, search out new local talent, and provide a venue where new directors can cut their teeth. Joe is dedicated to the process of all aspects of the arts and is excited to bring ACT (live theater and films) to the Boston area.


He has partnered with Barbara Chisholm and WACA -TV to create a TV series “Behind the Curtain”.  BTC affords opportunities for artists to create original material and share the behind-the-scenes stories of their art.


Joe has also produced and directed a series of films, some of which have been honored at Film Festivals: “Tommy & Michael” (2022), Nominated for best short film and best Actor (Larry Loring); “Nearly News” (2018); “The Victorian House Catering Company”(2019) and the award winning short film “Halloween Elevator” (2019). In addition, Joe produced and directed a couple of mini-series: the award-winning comedy miniseries “Therapy Sessions” (2016) and “The Interns” (2015).


Joe and WACA have a new short films premiering in October 2023:

“Party Time”, The Last Patient”, “Your Kiss is on My List”, “Luke Meets Charlene at a Very Nice Bar”,  “It’s Your Move”, “ The Last Words of Lord Carrington” and “Rat Trap”. These films have received accolades from the Film Festivals to which they have been submitted.


For more information, please visit Joe’s IMDb page: Joe White - IMDb



Listing of Credits for Joe White



Theater Produced for Ashland Community Theater


Stories From Boulder Park- May 2023- Producer and Director of 3 Scenes.

Dracula- Oct 2022- producer

California Suite- April 2022- Acting “Marvin” & Directing “The Visitors from London”

Dashing Through the Snow Dec 2021

The Viewing Room Sept/Oct 2021- Director

Nights Out-Nov 2019- Actor and Playwright

Victorian House Catering Company- April 2019- Director, Writer, Actor

Play On- Oct 2018-Director

Nearly News- April 2018- Director, Small Acting Roles

Gate 19- Dec 2017- Director, Writer, Small Acting roles

2 Acts of Murder- June 2017- Director, Writer, Actor

Dinner Conversations- Dec 2016- Director, Writer, Actor

Plaza Suite- June 2016- Actor

Therapy Sessions- Nov 2015- Writer and Actor

Parents Day- May 2015- Writer and Actor

Daymares on Oak Street- Nov 2014- Writer and Actor

Relationships A-Z- Writer and Actor.


Films and Television Directed


Rat Trap (Short Film) 2023- Produced and Asst Director

Last Words of Lord Carrington (Short Film) 2023- Produced and Asst Director

It’s Your Move (Short Film) 2023 Produced, Directed and Writer

Luke Meets Charlene at a Really Nice Bar- (Short Film) 2023- Produced and Asst Director

Your Kiss is on my List (Short Film) 2023 Produced and Directed

The Last Patient (Short Film)- 2023 Produced and Directed

Party Time (Short Film) 2023 Produced, Directed and Writer

Tommy & Michael (Short Film)- Jan 2022 – 3rd Place in the NY Independent Film Festival

ER Visit (Short)- Summer 2020

Halloween Elevator- (Short)- Fall 2019 – Winner of Multiple short film festivals

Victorian House Catering Company (Film)- Summer 2019

Nearly News (Film)- Summer 2018

It’s No Picnic (Short) – Fall 2016

Therapy Sessions (6 Part Miniseries)- Summer 2016 – Winner of Best Comedy ACM Awards

The Interns (4 Part Miniseries)- Summer 2015


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