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Relationships A-Z

May 16-17, 2014

Directed by Kelly Fey


Relationships are THE most complex part of life. They can be touching, loving, funny, difficult, interesting, absorbing, and diverse. Relationships A-Z was based on an acting exercise that we used in an improvisation class to work on our scenes. Each sentence of the exercise begins with a letter of the alphabet, starting with "A" and the final line beginning with "Z". 


The DMV One 
Written by Nick Zagone

Katy Shander-Reynolds as Woman

Joe White as Man

Holly Escott as 2nd Woman

Written by Chad Schnackel & David Dalton

Chris Dever as Spencer

Kelly Fey as Tess


The Family
Written by Joe White

Mauro Ciccarelli as The Father


Cindy And Julie

Written by Bruce Kane

Kelly Fey as Cindy

Jodi Martin as Julie

Kristen Mahoney (Fri) as Young Woman

Emily Dunn (Sat) as Young Woman


A Lesson From My Father

Written by Joe White

Joe White as Son


Gray Matter

Written by Jeanette D. Farr

Chris Dever as Russell

Holly Escott as Marge


Conjugal Connections

Written by Gabriel Davis

Jodi Martin as Jenny


The Bartender And The Girls From Muncie

Written by Joe White

Chris Dever as Bartender

Heidi Hanson as Maureen

Katy Shander-Reynolds as Barb

Mauro Ciccarelli as Mikey


A Relationship With ME

Written by Julie Nardone

Julie Nardone as Herself


Today’s Specials

Written by Greg Vovos

Jodi Martin as Velma

Joe White as Stan

Mauro Ciccarelli as The Waiter

Kelly Fey as Friend

Katy Shander-Reynolds As Friend


The Ghost of Dora Williams

Written by Edgar Lee Masters

Holly Escott as Dora Williams


The Drop Off

Written by Joe White

Heidi Hanson as Mrs. Brown

Katy Shander-Reynolds as Mrs. Green

Emily Dunn (Sat.) as Miss Brown

Kristen Mahoney as Miss Green

Leah White (Fri.) as Miss Brown


The Philadelphia

Written by David Ives

Mauro Ciccarelli as Mark

Joe White as Al

Kelly Fey as Waitress


The DMV One (Ending)

Written by Joe White & Katy Shander-Reynolds

Entire Cast


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