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Daymares on Oak Street

November 7-9, 2014 

Directed by Kelly Fey


Drawing inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, Daymares on Oak Street was a series of eight comedic and dramatic vignettes written by local Ashland residents: Mauro Ciccarelli, Keith Ferguson, Heidi Hanson, Julie Nardone, Katy Shander-Reynolds, and Joe White.


The Devil And Three Witches

Written by Joe White

Joe White as Lucifer

Katy Shander-Reynolds as Dark Thiannon

Alexa Feizidis as Mythical Rosamond

Jodi Martin as Mystic Selena

Aadish Joshi as Butler


The Prescription

Written by Joe White and Mauro Ciccarelli

BreannaTulig as Bonnie Optical

Aadish Joshi as Cy Clops

Alexa Feizidis as Morgan LeFay

Maky Kotob as Zombie


Victims Return

Written by Joe White

Tony Cerulo as Gregg

Mattie Schadt as Lydia

Conor Plunkett as Bill

Kelly Fey as Jane

Maky Kotob as Matthew


The Séance

Written by Katy Shander-Reynolds

Heidi Hanson as Medium/The Channel

Mauro Ciccarelli as boyfriend

Jodi Martin as Girlfriend

Julie Nardone as Woman
Aadish Joshi as Young Man


The Last Patient

Written by Joe White

Joe White as Dr. Tom Murphy

Breanna Tulig as Emily

Kelly Fey as Nurse Liz

Coming Clean At The Fates Motel

Written by Julie Nardone
Jodi Martin as Janet Leigh/Clarion Pain

Conor Plunkett as Anthony Perkins/Gorman Fates

Christine Vozella as Priscilla Dagger


Someone For Thanksgiving

Written by Heidi Hanson

Alexa Feizidis as Bethany Lechter

Aadish Joshi as Issac Allerton

Heidi Hanson as Mother Lechter

Mauro Ciccarelli as Father Lechter

Maky Kotob as Boris Lechter


Speed Dating Is Scary

Written by Katy Shander-Reynolds

Katy Shander-Reynolds as Estelle

Mattie Schadt as Nancy

Mauro Ciccarelli as Werewolf

Tony Cerulo as Demon

Maky Kotob as Mummy

Conor Plunkett as Vampire

Joe White as Jay





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